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We are dedicated to bringing you the best towing and roadside assistance in Jacksonville, FL. Our team provides car towing, jump start, flat tire change, RV towing, SUV towing and many other roadside solutions.

JL Towing And Recovery - Towing & Roadside Assistance in Jacksonville, FL
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What We Do

We provide a wide range of tow truck and roadside services. When you are stranded on the side of road with vehicle breakdowns or roadside issues in Jacksonville, feel free to contact us.

Flatbed towing in Jacksonville, FL,

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is a method using a flatbed tow truck.. These tow trucks are equipped with flatbeds or platforms in the back. These platforms can be moved up and down. They can incline and slide down to ground level hydraulically. Towing is possible by either driving the vehicle up to the platform or using a winch system to pull it up.

Wheel lift towing in Jacksonville, FL

Wheel Lift Towing

One of the main advantages of a wheel lift tow truck is its mobility. In circumstances where space is tight and limited, wheel lift towing will be a preferred method for moving the vehicle. These tow trucks enable the driver to reach out and pick up a car, then transport it to a safe location. Tow truck wheel lifts can also extend and grab the front wheels of a vehicle, lifting them up to be tightly strapped down.

Light Duty Towing

Light Duty Towing

One of the most common types of towing requests is light-duty towing. Our light-duty tow trucks are perfect for cars and motorcycles. We provide everything required for a smooth and safe tow. For example, we transport motorcycles using flatbed tow trucks and tools such as locks or straps to secure the bike to the truck. With our years of experience transporting various vehicles, you can be confident that your motorcycle will be transported safely.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

We provide towing services for a variety of vehicles. In heavy-duty towing, we can tow buses, box trucks, motorhomes, and more. Our heavy-duty tow trucks are powered with towing systems to handle demanding and challenging tows. We have wheel lift tow trucks that have the under-reach to lift the vehicles, or flatbed trailers for moving vehicles that can’t be driven, and integrated tow trucks to tackle tricky situations.

Flat Tire Change

Flat Tire Change

We are dedicated to providing flat tire change services. With our extensive fleet of tow trucks and emergency roadside service equipment, we can provide all vehicle support whenever they are required. We have the equipment, and our professionals are highly trained and skilled, so you can get your tires changed quickly. If your vehicle’s tires or wheels require special technical attention, we can tow it to an auto repair shop or a location of your choice in Jacksonville.

Jump Start Service

Jump Start

Car batteries can go dead unexpectedly. Alternatively, you could have left the lights on overnight, causing the battery to drain. It’s inconvenient when your car won’t start, leaving you stranded. Calling us is a wise decision. We’ve come to solve this issue. Our team will provide you with the much-needed jump start. Nobody likes waiting by the roadside for too long, so we can respond quickly and provide assistance.

Why Choose Us

We are aware of how significant getting back on the road ASAP is to you. As a result, we aim for quality at every stage of the procedure, from offering dependable service to rapidly fixing autos with top-notch customer service while keeping costs reasonable to suit any budget.

Our Customer Say

JL Towing & Recovery was able to help me out of a tough situation last week. I was stuck in a ditch and got a flat tire from it and they were able to pull me out and tow me to my house. Thank you for your service

Stephanie S.

A positive experience for me, the tow truck driver was fast and efficient in what he does. I would recommend using their services.

Lucas E.


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